Our Mission

Our overall aim for the children in our care is to have their best day…every day.

Our Aim

To give your child the best day… every day!

We always ask ourselves would this be good enough for own children and by using this as a measure you can always be assured that we truly try our best to achieve our aim every day!

Our Objectives

We have opened The Homestead nursery as we have a genuine passion for providing excellent childcare and provision. We are constantly researching developments in our sector and everything we do and provide in our nursery from the teeniest scoop to our big Treehouse is for a purpose.

We have spent a long time planning our environment before opening the nursery and we spend a considerable time now on a weekly basis reviewing our provision to ensure it always meets our children’s needs and interests.

We want to provide your child with different experiences so seek out recycled and reclaimed materials as well as interesting curios to spark interest, engage and excite our children.

Operational Plan

Our rooms focus on the children’s stage of development not their age as we want to support your child to develop and progress at their own pace. We have four rooms:

  • Tiddlers – our baby space
  • Woddlers – our wobbly toddler space
  • Explorers – our toddler space
  • Adventurers – our pre school space
  • Pioneers – our Forest School children


Messy play and creativity is a big part of who we are!

We encourage children to express themselves by using different media and materials.

Our Atelierista supports the children to develop different skills through creative projects.


The Great Outdoors!

We love outdoors and our children spend a large part of their time outdoors, exploring their environment, having opportunity to develop vital gross motor skills through climbing, running, rolling and generally being active and inquisitive. We learn to care for animals and we learn how to grow and care for plants – as well as eat them!

We offer Early Entitlement for our older children and provide four two and a half hour sessions each week during term time for children to practice and develop their skills in readiness for school. One of our Early Entitlement sessions is based in Forest School so all children gave the opportunity to spend time in our lovely outdoor environment practising skills such as tool use, fire lighting, den building and tree climbing.


If you would like any more information about sessions, pricing, or to arrange a visit please email or call …..

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